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About Rob

Musician, composer, teacher.

My writing credits include: BBC 1's DIY SOS, ABC Television network, Escada Perfumes NYC, and Danish shipping DFDS. I've performed all over the world for companies such as The Walt Disney Corporation, Microsoft, Intel, and Vodaphone in locations as varied as Dubai, Alaska, Seoul, Hawaii and Mexico. 

Having graduated with honours in Music in 2005 I have been performing, writing and teaching ever since.

My journey

I was raised on the Blues and Jazz from my dad's record collection, listening to Howlin Wolf, Little Richard, and BB King alongside Bill Evans and Oscar Peterson, and with an oversized set of headphones on and a honky tonk upright for company, I began my journey into music. I started piano lessons aged 8 and have been playing ever since.

Through my teens and whilst studying a Diploma in Jazz & Contemporary music, I developed a love of the guitar and formed a DIY punk band that introduced me to my first experience of touring and playing across the UK. We recorded and released several EPs and my first full album 'Don't Shoot Your Firearms In Celebration'. with producer John Hannon at his studios in 2001 following my first proper UK tour, over the week of my 17th birthday.

Later, whilst at university I moved into the role of guitarist in The Buffseeds, (credits Greys Anatomy, One Tree Hill)  and performed live on BBC Radio One's Scott Mills Show. When the band split in 2003 I helped co-form their successor, IKO.  For the band's debut album I AM ZERO (2005)  I shifted instruments to both drums and bass, and the album (recorded at New Rising studios) lead to the band being signed by Copenhagen Records in Denmark and Vinyl Junkie Records in Japan. With this came tours wider ranging into mainland Europe. I also graduated in 2005 with a BA Hons in Music at Bath.

IKO's follow-up album LUDO SAYS HI was recorded in 2007 at Peter Gabriel's Real World Studios in Bath, and was produced by Sean Genocky (Manic St Preachers, Starsailor). The single Look What You've Done To Me from the album featured in the hit ABC show FlashForward and airing in over 26 different countries. Other songs from the catalogue received sync placements on adverts for DFDS Shipping, and Escada Perfumes of New York. 

Along side my work with IKO I began working as a freelance session musician, and in 2011, I took an amazing opportunity to go and work as a keyboard player for Disney in Florida, and following four years working across the USA, I decided to return to the UK. As a result of my time away, IKO and I parted company, however we separately both remain active writers today.

Starting life back in the UK again I built my home studio in Devon as a base for my composing, whilst continuing to perform live internationally for shorter periods of time. Recently, I have still enjoyed performing corporate functions for Microsoft and Intel in Seoul, the Dubai Shopping Festival, as a month's residency at a 5* hotel in Eilat, Israel. Closer to home, I've recently been gigging in Europe for companies such as Vodaphone, British Airways and Moonpig. I also do several charity events each year and have played for Wateraid, Childline, Womansaid and the NSPCC. Audiences have included dignitaries from former prime minister Gordon Brown, world title winning racing driver Damon Hill, and the pop star Will Young. Last year I performed for UK soul singer Joss Stone, and recently performed at a private party in the world renowned Aman Venice hotel accompanying soul singer Leigh Coleman. 

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